Sugar Mummy
Sugar Mummy

I am not sure how this actually really works. I’ve never been a sugar mummy before. The sugar mummy idea got suck in my mind when I found this website on Google. There are a lot of sugar mummies posted here. They all seem to be contended with how things happen here. I’ve decided to join them to see if I can get someone. My name shouldn’t be share nor exposed here. I’m married but my husband is based aboard. We both love each other but understand we have needs. He has someone who provides his needs and I am here to find someone to provide mine.

What sugar mummy wants

First and most importantly, I need our relationship to be discreet. I would not want a man who will expose me as a sugar mummy. As I said, my husband and I have an agreement but I don’t need someone exposing us. As per payment, I will make sure he is satisfied. I will not be taking him shopping and all that nonsense. I will however give him the money to go shop by himself. I need a man who is ready to give me artificial love. He must make me feel excited and pleasured whenever we are together.

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Leave me a comment if you want me to be your sugar mummy. You don’t have to open up and tell me all about your life. I’m sincerely not interested in all that. I’m looking for a sweet handsome young man. I’ll love to meet someone I can enjoy spending time with. You just have to tell me what I can expect from you. You have to send me your TELEGRAM username. I no longer use whatsapp. Please download TELEGRAM from your app store, register and come drop your TELEGRAM username. Also make sure your picture is in your profile picture. I will not respond to anyone without his picture in their profile picture. You can also contact the admin for my personal contact. His Telegram username is @freesugarmummy and his phone number is +234 (809) 184 9047. Do this and I will respond to you immediately. I would also want you to make sure our chats are secret chat or calls on Telegram. Yes, I would like that.

Thanks so much for doing this for me. I am grateful for your work. I promise to all those I know who might be interested in this so they can come get hooked up here too.


PLEASE BEWARE OF SCAMMERS. The admin's contact is +234-809-184-9047

and that's the only contact you should deal with. DON'T RESPOND TO ANY FAKE AGENT WHO CLAIM TO BE THE ADMIN.

The number is +234-809-184-9047

The TELEGRAM username:- @freesugarmummy 
(PLEASE NOTE THAT IT IS EASIER TO CHAT WITH US THOUGH TELEGRAM) Just download TELEGRAM on Google Play Store. Register your line as you would on whatsapp and find me through your contact list or search with my username



THE NUMBER AGAIN IS +234-809-184-9047



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  2. My name is Solace, still in my 30s, chocolate in color, I am classic, neat and cute, educated to meet your kind of dream man.
    No pride, no irritating character, honesty and trust is my goal for relationship as this.
    If you can meet my needs, then on my part there is no problem.
    I can take you wild and make you feel the pleasure.
    I can tie you and such you to come till you dry
    My dick is large and strong to hold your pussy up without breaking, it can penetrate and enter the deep secret place to make you cry, till you can’t walk.
    Give me the chance to be your pleasure man please.

    My telegram number is +2348138871975.

  3. Hi, contact me, I can handle you the way you want and your secret is secure ma’am, you can assure that I have a big and long dick to crush every conner of you gold till you can’t walk.
    I am in my 30s very strong and cute, handsome too to meet your taste.
    Contact me on telegram +2348138871975.

  4. Hi dear am heritage by name from Nigeria, ondo State to be precise and also a student… ..Well,I am a romantic person with a good sense of humour. I can make you happy. I can keep our relationship discreet. I am fun to be with. And to talk about za other room, mehn i will take u to the moon and back. Don’t let me get started on that. So here is my telegram contact 08087952996
    Hope to hear from you soon.

  5. Dear my future love and future wife Sweetheart My real name gaber ebrahim Mohamed hassan from egypt an Egyptian businessman my full address egypt luxor esna el dear . I accpet you as my wife and I’m ready for you now as a good hasband and as a good lover and I’m ready for that now and to sanctify married life and be the most important thing in her life and be the only queen on the throne of my heart and I will put it in my eyes and my heart but on the bed you will be my slave because I am like a raging bull on the bed and l love sex very too I’m very very hot in you and sexy with you all night and day by my the long black dragon because I’m a break boul in the bed a big huge wow pump juice can you bear this only. I will enjoy you in bed and I will make you get lost and scream from pleasure. I like to suck you preast, and too like enter my the long black dragon deeply slowly slowly slowly in your pussy because Tame women and fill then and sat on the bed. My phone number + 20 01027457865 and my whattsapp + 20 01027457865 and my Email
    and my Facebook

  6. dearie, hope u r good,
    I ould like to be ur accompanist, if it pleases you.
    not a man of too many words, and I prefare to remain silent but explore my capabilities on a one-on-one ground.
    it will please me engaging in a private chat with you.
    if u so desire; 07065033443-chat/call
    have a lovely day

  7. Hi honey 😘
    My name is shady, 3 3 years old , Interesting for you sweetie. ❤️
    Because all you talk about I do
    I can handle your feeling ❤️, care of chemistry your body to make your emotional feelings like a Queen get warm and loving and relaxing in my hug, alot of feeling can’t said by words
    Any time you want me, I will be for your happiness because I want you too.
    you can trust me for your privacy ❤️ if you are married or have kids be safe 🙂
    Whatsapp number is +Two, Zero, one, zero zero zero nine two seven two zero zero (+2 0 1 0 0 0 9 2 7 2 0 0).
    I wait you my mummy 😘😍 for your call

    • Yes ma. My name is Daniel. Am from Ibadan and I am 25 years old. Am tall and dark in complexion. I will respect you and be committed to your command. Ma, am right here for you. Have been seeking for sugar mummy for almost Two years. But I have get any. Try me ma. U can contact me on my mobile number +2348138871975.
      Telegram username: Kizz Phun and my telegram number: +2348138871975
      WhatsApp number: +2348138871975.

  8. Olawale Ogunneye Reply

    Dearest madam,
    I wish you’d kindly consider my request and oblige ne to be your sexual

  9. Olawale Ogunneye Reply

    Dear Madam,
    I wish you’d kindly consider my ooffer and oblige my humble request to be your discreet sexual

  10. Olawale Ogunneye Reply

    Dearest Madam,
    I wish you’d kindly consider my offer and oblige my humble request to be your sexual partner and your pleasure giver.

    I am energetic, strong, fit and sexually active

  11. Olawale Ogunneye Reply

    My dearest Madam,
    I wish you’d be magnanimous in your considerations of my offer and oblige my humble requset to be your sexual partner & pleasure giver!

    I am strong, energetic, fit and sexually active with an unprecedented stamina and a great libido to satisfy your emotional needs & desires effortlessly.

    You’re here assured of my devotion, dedication, humility and absolute discretion if given the oity,

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