Sugar Mummy
Sugar Mummy

I’ve not been very lucky as a sugar mummy. It’s either the men don’t understand what I offer or they are just fools. I am tired of having my man cheat on me with other sugar mummies. It’s almost like they feel I am not good enough. The whole situation usually turns tiresome and I end things with them. If I have to be a sugar mummy this time, I want things to be different. Please keep my details off this website. Other sugar mummies might be comfortable but I’m not. Also cover my face in that picture. Please just note that I’m very beautiful.

what sugar mummy want

Other sugar mummies might be okay sharing their man but I’m not. I strongly believe in one sugar mummy to one man. If I am less a sugar mummy for you, I recommend you find someone else. It would hurt if you lead me on then I discover we are many. I hate men who do that and I will hate it done to me. Any man who wants me has to be faithful to me. I have the money to provide him with whatever he wants. He has to reason to be with other women. I will permit him to go to other women if I’m not enough for him.

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Any younger man who might want me as his sugar mummy and ready to be faithful should leave me a message in the contact box below. If you are not ready to be faithful, please don’t bother leaving me a message. You have to send me your TELEGRAM username. I no longer use whatsapp. Please download TELEGRAM from your app store, register and come drop your TELEGRAM username. Also make sure your picture is in your DP. I promise to respond immediately. You also have to tell me a little about yourself. It would be nice to get to know you.

You are doing a really wonderful job here Admin. I have to commend you and I hope you keep up the good work. It’s been a while since I found an honest site like this.


PLEASE BEWARE OF SCAMMERS. The admin's contact is +234-903-742-2086

and that's the only contact you should deal with. DON'T RESPOND TO ANY FAKE AGENT WHO CLAIM TO BE THE ADMIN.

The number is +234-903-742-2086

The TELEGRAM number is +234-903-742-2086 or username:- @freesugarmummy 
(PLEASE NOTE THAT IT IS EASIER TO CHAT WITH US THOUGH TELEGRAM) Just download TELEGRAM on Google Play Store. Register your line as you would on whatsapp and find me through your contact list or search with my username


The SNAPCHAT number is +234-903-742-2086


THE NUMBER AGAIN IS +234-903-742-2086



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  2. Good morning, my name is Daniel, am 26 yes old and am single , am in Nigeria, Abuja,Daniel Aderibigbe is my name on telegram 07065507989,, I keep to my word am interested in you sugar mummy am promise to make you happy and do whatever you want, am ready to satisfy any how you want it, and I promise I will not dis point you at all, girl it sorry and you will never relate it, please reply back thanks

  3. Hi beautiful sugar mummy. I’m interested in you. I am honest, trustworthy and faithful young pacific islander. I know I can please you every way you want. Contact me or +67571413819

  4. dear sugar mummy, it really amissing you have meet different kind of men, but you know what all hands are not equall chatting is not just tge best idear let meet then we see different from what you know. @Adejub 08158020787

  5. Good evening I am interested in the sugar mummy I will respect all its requirements and I promise to be the perfect man that I am looking for Cameroonian but I currently live in Dubai it will be a pleasure for me to meet you my email address nastephane92 @ my phone number +971543389189 I hope to have the chance to meet you.

  6. Hello dear sugar mummy, I am the one you are looking for but I won’t talk much because it proves nothing but trust me you will be surprised with what I will offer you. This is my telegram id: kuamhimidnait

  7. hello dear sugar mummy, I understand your sutuationn and I believe I can make it up to you.. I am 3i yrs and single. I am willing to be with you and be faithful. please find attach my telegram user name below. I will have more to tel you about me if you contact me. thanks dear and I hope to hear from you soon. Telegram user name is Jacob nyarko

  8. Hello I’m Ollie I play football and I’m 18 years old and I would love to get to know you I’m a great person who would love to get to know a sugar mummy my number is2534599705

  9. Hello my lovely and sweet sugar mummy
    I am here for you please
    I am actually the faithful guy you want
    I will do anything to make you happy
    You are the only one precious to me
    Promise to make you feel like a real woman
    You have your trust on me i will never in my life let you down
    About myself
    Am a Ghanaian young and energetic man who will make your life a happy one of course
    I want to hear from you please
    Thank for choosing me as your sugar boy l
    Telegram username @Freddyson

  10. My name is yemi with telegram id @Yemsquare and contact number 08032833371 I need a sugar mummy

  11. why not let’s give it a trial , which might convince a sugar mummy .
    my telegram Id is opzy kokz
    I await your chat on telegram if you haven’t gotten your choice yet

  12. Hello dear if you want a Handsome and lovely young guy who will suck your boobs and your pussy and fuck you very hard but lovely and nice here I am waiting for you I will treat you like a queen and satisfy you very well in bed if you need me add me up @Sajini1 on Telegram I will be waiting for your reply and message, I will satisfy you very well dear. I need sugar mommies

  13. My name is Abraham Teye and am living at Accra at Nungua. I am 24 years of age and am so interested in sugar mummy like you…… please you can contact me with this line *233 0549284783

  14. I have also been unlucky, am a faithful man and am interested in a sugar mummy. Please try me and see if I will not be faithful to you. My telegram user name is Sosola22 or you can search for my number +265882228012.

  15. Gabriel Asamoah Reply

    I’m interested and I will satisfy you sexually to the fullest

  16. Anthony peter Reply

    I am from cross river state Nigeria nice to meet you I am 23 years old I am very humble man I we make you happy…… I am understandable guy
    I am very simple man always smiling
    I am interested in you baby for a serious relationship me and you forever and ever
    U we never not regret having me
    Here is my telegram username peterclever19

  17. Hello beautiful am Stuart am the one who is going to make you feel happy. there will be no more sadness ,contact me +256759751291

  18. Hello mummy, I am responding to you because I believe we have some things I common and would really want to be in a relationship with you. I am a very intelligent, hardworking young man who is very loving and caring and a firm believer of the principle of one man, one woman. I must say I have always had a soft spot for older women because I feel they are more matured. I would be very happy of we could connect and see things for yourself and I know you wouldn’t regret doing that. My username on telegram is Tropykal.
    Would be patiently waiting

  19. Hello mummy, I know it feels when you give your all to your partner and in the end they disappoint you. Growing up, I have always had a soft spot for older women because I believe they are more matured and understand what it takes to maintain a good relationship. It is a fact that I cannot be like your former partner but I believe I have what it takes to make you feel loved again so very interested in being with you. I am a very intelligent and hard working young man who is a firm believer in the principle of one man, one woman. Let get together and I know you wouldn’t regret doing that. My telegram username is Tropykal. Would be patiently waiting.

  20. 😀Hello I’m nectar
    Tall, very handsome, hairy chest, long-×××, hard working Scorpio.
    How many hours do you want it??🤔🤫
    I’m here to make you hit multiple ogasim 🤞..
    I’m on telegram and WhatsApp

  21. Hye sm , hope u are fine over there, i would like u to be my sm, my dear, i will make u happy n satisfy u in bed, u wont regret meeting me, i will treat u like a queen, herer my telegram username n no. azkev1, +60167624973, any time u call me, k, take care

  22. Hye sweet sexy sm, hope u are fine overthere , im kevin, i would like u to be my sm, my dear, i can make u happy n satisfy u , until u really satisfied. U wont regret meeting me. Im a good person, loving n caring too, trust me , i will treat u like a queen , heres my username n no. Azkev1 , +60167624973, call me, we can discuss how to meet, my dear , hope to meet u soon, take care , my sweet sm

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