Sugar Mummy
Sugar Mummy

There is a good reason why I want to be posted as a sugar mummy. Been seen as a sugar mummy is something I would never have considered for myself. For a woman who would want a man in her life, been single is not really a nice thing. I have tried everything possible to get to be in a relationship but absolutely nothing has worked for me. It was so easy to get a man when I was young. Money made me very arrogant and now, I have the money but no man to enjoy. Its my hope that things will change for me here.

What sugar mummy wants

Well what I want is very simple. My interest is in getting a handsome loving man who is ready to be with me. Been a sugar mummy to him does not bother me at all. All he has to do is to really be in love with me. My kind of man has to be fair. His height for me does not matter one bit. What matters is that he is light skinned. He also has to be very hard working. Any lazy man around me will just irritate me and I might be forced to end things before we even started. My main focus is to get a serious relationship with him.

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Any man who can be loving and would want me to be his sugar mummy has to leave comments below. My expectations are very high right now but I know there are men like that how can meet up to them. You have to send me your TELEGRAM username. I no longer use whatsapp. Please download TELEGRAM from your app store, register and come drop your TELEGRAM username. Also make sure your picture is in your profile picture. I will not respond to anyone without his picture in their profile picture. Send your TELEGRAM and I promise to respond immediately. Please send me your pictures and make sure you look good in them. You phone number will also be needed. If you are on social media, I would love us to link up there. It will give me an idea of the kind of person you are. It will also give you an idea of a little about me when you checkout my post.


PLEASE BEWARE OF SCAMMERS. The admin's contact is +234-903-742-2086

and that's the only contact you should deal with. DON'T RESPOND TO ANY FAKE AGENT WHO CLAIM TO BE THE ADMIN.

The number is +234-903-742-2086

The TELEGRAM number is +234-903-742-2086 or username:- @freesugarmummy 
(PLEASE NOTE THAT IT IS EASIER TO CHAT WITH US THOUGH TELEGRAM) Just download TELEGRAM on Google Play Store. Register your line as you would on whatsapp and find me through your contact list or search with my username



THE NUMBER AGAIN IS +234-903-742-2086



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  2. Am Damilare, I can’t satisfy you, I am young, handsome and sexy guy. You can reach me on 07014987083 and request for my pictures via WhatsApp. I will satisfy you to the fullest so please be my sugar mummy

  3. I am King 30yrs old and I am very endowed down there. I am looking for a sugar mummy and I can satisfied her that I promise. I reside in Jos and here is my contact 08059215251. I can prove myself with a first test without payment… Call me. Cheers

  4. without any shadow of a doubt,how are you? hope you are fine. how is the atmospheric over there? hope they are fine..i saw your profile today.
    i have been searching for a virtue sugar mummy who is beautiful inside, not outside. which i refer as the heart of Gold. then i can share my feeling to, and she can share her problem to me. now i have find you? will you give a try to prove my honest to you. i 40 yrs old,am single and never married from Nigeria. i am a honest person, and as my test of policy . my hobbies are writing,reading and singing, traveling and exercising my body. i am a man, full of compassionate that respect human feeling. please i am a slave to the truth and not a master to lie. please .when you get to know me. you know what i am talking about i am about. as they say ” a true relationship is like a safe shelter , find one and you have found a treasure nothing else as value , there is no way of putting a price on it HOBBIES”, what is your hobby? do you know i love music so much , infact music is one of my best careers in my life.despite my hobbies in reading, writing .my favorites kind of music is hip pop , RM&B AND GOSPEL MUSIC. can you imagine this? i have written myself up to ten songs and three books, poem and newsletters MY MY WAY OF LIVING”, my way of living or my way of life is very simple , i love to live a simple and understanding life ,to be sincere with you, i do not drink , i dont smoke and i do not chase women.. I will be extremely happy to hear from you,because i have been looking for a considerate person as my soulmate for long until i find your profile., now i have find you, i hope you there any white or black blankets between two of us? if NO! i know the answer because we are going to understand each other as a man and woman,that are going share ideal together, which i know trust is going to base of our relationship, actually, i will never.. looking for another one, if you give me your heart. i know within my heart that you are one with hundred percent of certainty,i will always need as a woman i am looking for ,i need this because, man need a woman and also woman need a man,since it is a disease for man to live a life of loneliness, but with a your partner, he can tell and share everything with her, i pray that God will allow our relationship as the most understanding one, we ever had before. There is one thing in this world that everybody is afraid of ,is betrayer. it is the most thing that is common in this world now, because after we have betrayed, we stop trusting to any one, even if the person who went to be closer to us is pure , love with the fear of God,and innocent like a teardrop, now i promise to be honesty with you , without breaking your heart, and give peace,love and caring, allowed you to lean my shoulder in time of sorrow, problem and diverse situation in life. +2348067524602{}

  5. Hello I’m a Shahzad I m interested in sugar mummies I m a young 27 years old I give u hard time on bed , give u so love and enjoyment kindly contact with me +923482080535 this is my whatsapp number

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  7. John Rodrigues Reply

    Hello dear this is John Rodrigues I am honest loving caring romantic understanding and a God fearing Christian I am alone and read to relocate ASAP I promise you will not regret cos your happiness is my greatest satisfaction
    Tel John Rodrigues

  8. victoriousone50 Reply

    Hello there happy Tuesday to you my name is William and I’m from Pennsylvania and I understand you are seeking a man for a relationship and I am very interested in that relationship with you because I know I can make you happy I will send you my pics if you contact me on my number and my WhatsApp number which both are +1-724-988-8404. I don’t say too much and I don’t brag much I would like to demonstrate what I’m able to do for you if you’re willing to allow me have a wonderful and blessed week and I look forward to hearing from you I am also at the same number on Telegram May blessed

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