I would prefer if I don’t have to expose myself on a sugar mummy site. Some sugar mummies here seem to be comfortable doing it but I am not. My privacy is very important to me. I don’t plan to give it up to be seen as a sugar mummy. My identity should kindly be hidden and my face covered. I am a business woman but I am connected to government officials I get contracts from and I won’t want to stop getting it because of this website. As per relationship, I am a widow. Hurt by the loss but I am much better now.

What sugar mummy wants

I’ve never tried something like this before. This is my first time and I’m not even sure what to share. What I can do is promise he will be well paid. Whatever he says he wants, he will get. He just has to be good to me. He must be very handsome. My heart easily melts to a man who looks good. He must be single and interested in moving in with me. I am tired of living alone in my mansion. I want a man who will see me as a woman not as a sugar mummy.

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I would want anyone interested to leave comments below. If you want me as your sugar mummy, write something nice to me. You have to tell me as much as you can as possible about yourself. You should always tell the truth about yourself. I may not know when you lie but your lies might be what disqualified you. You have to send me your TELEGRAM username. I no longer use whatsapp. Please download TELEGRAM from your app store, register and come drop your TELEGRAM username. Also make sure your picture is in your profile picture. I will not respond to anyone without his picture in their profile picture. You can also contact the admin for my personal contact. His Telegram username is @freesugarmummy and his phone number is +234 (809) 184 9047. Do this and I will respond to you immediately. I would be looking forward to hearing from you. I’m actually lonely but I want someone who will take my loneliness away.

Thanks so much for your assistance Admin. I am really grateful and hope to get you to get someone for me if I can’t get someone by myself.


PLEASE BEWARE OF SCAMMERS. The admin's contact is +234-809-184-9047

and that's the only contact you should deal with. DON'T RESPOND TO ANY FAKE AGENT WHO CLAIM TO BE THE ADMIN.

The number is +234-809-184-9047

The TELEGRAM username:- @freesugarmummy 
(PLEASE NOTE THAT IT IS EASIER TO CHAT WITH US THOUGH TELEGRAM) Just download TELEGRAM on Google Play Store. Register your line as you would on whatsapp and find me through your contact list or search with my username



THE NUMBER AGAIN IS +234-809-184-9047



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  2. Edobor Jack Reply

    Hello my name is Jack and I am 28 yrs old, I’m a Chef and very pleasing in bed. There lots of sex position I can offer to any sugar mummy that can pay me handsomely and make you reach your wildest dream of pleasure. Action speaks louder than voice. I love playing video games and movies are my interest, I guess u be the judge how handsome I’m. 09017305341 that’s my numb. Telegram @keyz86 Gmail :edoborjack@gmail.com

  3. I am Diva and I got a lesbian sugar mummy through the Admin. this website is very real

  4. Please I am interested in sugar mummy please I need it .I promise to be with one person that we hook up me that I will love her as long as I live and I promise to take care of the person in sex

  5. Dear my future love and future wife Sweetheart. I accpet you as my wife and I’m ready for you now as a good hasband and as a good lover and I’m ready for that now and I have a lot of love insaid me for you and I want to be with you all the time so I want to marry and bond with you for life and to sanctify married life and be the most important thing in her life and be the only queen on the throne of my heart and I will put it in my eyes and my heart but on the bed you will be my slave because I am a break boul in the bed and I love sex very too I’m very very hot in you and sexy with you all night and day by my the long black dragon because I’m a break boul in the bed. I will enjoy you in bed and I will make you get lost and scream from pleasure. I like to suck you preast, and too like enter my the long black dragon deeply in your pussy all night and day because I will be very very hot in you always, my real name gaber ebrahim Mohamed hasan from egypt in Africa an Egyptian businessman my phone number and my whatsapp on this number + 20 01027457865 and my Email alsahmalmntalk@gmail.com

  6. Hi Mama I can be off all those services with a king size cass…, Call or Whatsapp me +2348028407306

    • Yes ma. My name is Daniel. Am from Ibadan and I am 25 years old. Am tall and dark in complexion. I will respect you and be committed to your command. Ma, am right here for you. Have been seeking for sugar mummy for almost Two years. But I have get any. Try me ma. U can contact me on my mobile number +2348138871975.
      email: kolapodaniel7@gmail.com
      Telegram username: Kizz Phun and my telegram number: +2348138871975
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  7. Akan Inyene John Reply

    I will move in & out with you to any level.
    I wouldn’t want to be boastful in profiling. Find out for yourself for a probational period as you desire.
    Contact me via Whatsapp@ 08056036635

  8. Hi honey 😘
    My name is shady, 3 3 years old , Interesting for you sweetie. ❤️
    Because all you talk about I do
    I can handle your feeling ❤️, care of chemistry your body to make your emotional feelings like a Queen get warm and loving and relaxing in my hug, alot of feeling can’t said by words
    Any time you want me, I will be for your happiness because I want you too.
    you can trust me for your privacy ❤️ if you are married or have kids be safe 🙂
    hangouts shadyspider2@gmail.com
    Whatsapp number is +Two, Zero, one, zero zero zero nine two seven two zero zero (+2 0 1 0 0 0 9 2 7 2 0 0).
    I wait you my mummy 😘😍 for your call

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  11. My name is Solace, still in my 30s, chocolate in color, I am classic, neat and cute, educated to meet your kind of dream man.
    No pride, no irritating character, honesty and trust is my goal for relationship as this.
    If you can meet my needs, then on my part there is no problem.
    I can take you wild and make you feel the pleasure.
    I can tie you and such you to come till you dry
    My dick is large and strong to hold your pussy up without breaking, it can penetrate and enter the deep secret place to make you cry, till you can’t walk.
    Give me the chance to be your pleasure man please.

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  12. Olawale Ogunneye Reply

    Dearest Madam,
    First, it’s rather unfortunate that you lost your husband to the cold hand of death. I empathize with you.

    However, life most go on and the need to live your life as a woman whose needs & desires must be satisfied.
    Sequel to this i wish you’d be magnanimous in your considerations of my humble self which i hope you’ll oblige me.

    My name is Olawale, resident in Lagos, witty, warm & sweet, caring, sensually romantic, reliable, dependable, humble, trustworthy, open-minded.
    I am energetically strong, physically fit & sound and sexually active with an unprecedented stamina to satisfy your emotional desires & needs.

    Secondly, there is need for me to be sincere and truthful peradventure it may please you to either reject or accept me.
    Though, you preferred someone who is single to move in with you and stay in your mansion. But i’m married
    but will readily be available whenever & wherever my services are needed without disappointment on my part.

    Here is my contact details:
    Username: olawale ogunneye
    Phone: +23480659946883
    E-mail: ogunneyemso1@gmail.com

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