Sugar Mummy
Sugar Mummy

I hope there is an understanding why a sugar mummy will want to have this as discreet as possible. I do not want this as something everyone will know who I am and where I base. I am actually a princess and the only child of my parent because my mom’s womb developed complications and she had to remove it. As per tradition, my husband will be the next king if he can produce a male heir and we have already had three kinds and they are all girls. We are looking for the forth before my father rests and though my husband is asking me to be patient, I can no longer. My mom agrees I should sought for a solution outside marriage and so I am here as a sugar mummy.

What sugar mummy wants

I know I am here as a sugar mummy and what I am looking for is something so many people will not approve me and I really do not care. It was either to become a sugar mummy or seek solution in somewhere fetish and that is not an option I will want to get involved in. I just want a very handsome man who is very smart. My husband is very handsome and smart and I need someone like that. He must be very smart. I do not want any heir to be a dummy. I need someone who is also tall. My husband is not so tall but I am and I will rather have someone who will look like he took my height than my husband.

Any young man who might want a relationship with me as his sugar mummy and can provide me a male heir should leave me a message in the contact box below. I need someone who is sure to produce me an heir. I will love to have your picture and your C.V.

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