Sugar Mummy
Sugar Mummy

There is no way I will ever go back been a sugar mummy to a younger man because they are mostly idiots. I know there are sugar mummies who won’t agree with me on this. We all have our preference and I respect that. It’s just that I am tired of all the childishness, stupidity and disrespect. I believe I would enjoy myself more if I’m with someone who understands my worth. A friend introduced this website to me as a real hookup site. She showed me proof with her own experience so I trust things here. I want to partake of the goodness that happens here.

What sugar mummy want

I’m hoping to meet a young man who can respect me and whatever I do for him. Disappointment by handsome young men has happened to me too many times. My interest is no longer in them. I would prefer to be with a handsome mature man. Men who respect women and know how to treat them. We can negotiate what he expects from his sugar mummy with time. He just has to make sure to be the kind of man I want. It goes without saying that I expect our relationship to be discreet. One post on social media and I’ll end things.

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Any young man who might want to be with me should leave comments below. Your contact has to be attached to your comment to get a response. You have to send me your TELEGRAM username. I no longer use whatsapp. Please download TELEGRAM from your app store, register and come drop your TELEGRAM username. Also make sure your picture is in your DP. I promise to respond immediately. If this is something you can’t do, then I don’t think you should reply me. I appreciate your work Admin. Thanks so much.


PLEASE BEWARE OF SCAMMERS. The admin's contact is +234-903-742-2086

and that's the only contact you should deal with. DON'T RESPOND TO ANY FAKE AGENT WHO CLAIM TO BE THE ADMIN.

The number is +234-903-742-2086

The TELEGRAM number is +234-903-742-2086 or username:- @freesugarmummy 
(PLEASE NOTE THAT IT IS EASIER TO CHAT WITH US THOUGH TELEGRAM) Just download TELEGRAM on Google Play Store. Register your line as you would on whatsapp and find me through your contact list or search with my username


The SNAPCHAT number is +234-903-742-2086


THE NUMBER AGAIN IS +234-903-742-2086



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  2. Hello

    My Name is Progress and im from Namibia,28 years of Age,Single and ready for a Relationship of this serious and verry descreet.
    I am someone that values maturity,respect ,appreciation and privacy.
    Firstly,i think that you are such a Phenomenal sugar mummy and im Fascinated by your profile.i promise you wont be dissapointed and neither will you regret giving me an opportunity.we can start here,contact me at 264813335155 or email me at

  3. Hello my dear friend you are welcome
    My name is Lawan 27 years old I am from warri Delta state Nigeria I am interested in you baby I we give you all you need I know how to respect a sugar mummy
    I am very honest and humble man gentle

    Here Is my Telegram user name
    Lawan Shehu Adam

    My phone number of mg telegram

  4. without any shadow of a doubt,how are you? hope you are fine. how is the atmospheric over there? hope they are fine..i saw your profile today.
    i have been searching for a virtue sugar mummy who is beautiful inside, not outside. which i refer as the heart of Gold. then i can share my feeling to, and she can share her problem to me. now i have find you? will you give a try to prove my honest to you. i 40 yrs old,am single and never married from Nigeria. i am a honest person, and as my test of policy . my hobbies are writing,reading and singing, traveling and exercising my body. i am a man, full of compassionate that respect human feeling. please i am a slave to the truth and not a master to lie. please .when you get to know me. you know what i am talking about i am about. as they say ” a true relationship is like a safe shelter , find one and you have found a treasure nothing else as value , there is no way of putting a price on it HOBBIES”, what is your hobby? do you know i love music so much , infact music is one of my best careers in my life.despite my hobbies in reading, writing .my favorites kind of music is hip pop , RM&B AND GOSPEL MUSIC. can you imagine this? i have written myself up to ten songs and three books, poem and newsletters MY MY WAY OF LIVING”, my way of living or my way of life is very simple , i love to live a simple and understanding life ,to be sincere with you, i do not drink , i dont smoke and i do not chase women.. I will be extremely happy to hear from you,because i have been looking for a considerate person as my soulmate for long until i find your profile., now i have find you, i hope you there any white or black blankets between two of us? if NO! i know the answer because we are going to understand each other as a man and woman,that are going share ideal together, which i know trust is going to base of our relationship, actually, i will never.. looking for another one, if you give me your heart. i know within my heart that you are one with hundred percent of certainty,i will always need as a woman i am looking for ,i need this because, man need a woman and also woman need a man,since it is a disease for man to live a life of loneliness, but with a your partner, he can tell and share everything with her, i pray that God will allow our relationship as the most understanding one, we ever had before. There is one thing in this world that everybody is afraid of ,is betrayer. it is the most thing that is common in this world now, because after we have betrayed, we stop trusting to any one, even if the person who went to be closer to us is pure , love with the fear of God,and innocent like a teardrop, now i promise to be honesty with you , without breaking your heart, and give peace,love and caring, allowed you to lean my shoulder in time of sorrow, problem and diverse situation in life. +2348067524602{}

  5. Hello pretty, I hope u get to read this. I understand very well what u mean by wanting to be with a matured man, and I say to u, u’ve definitely seen one. Am not trying to boast or show some pride, but am very sure of my abilities and what I can offer in the kind of relationship u’re talking about. Just get in touch with me through my telegram username, which is @oyewaleabolore1, and chat me up. I promise any sugar mummy, u won’t regret it. Take care.

  6. Hi I am see waiting for your response
    I am always thinking of sugar mummy my love
    Don’t forget here is my Telegram user name
    Lawan Shehu Adam

  7. Hi sugar mummy, My name uche, I don’t want to say much just call me or add me up, I will make u happy on all your endeavors. Contact 08035503266, username okereafor uche. A trial will convince you.

  8. Hi pretty sugar mummy, how u doing and how’s business? I won’t like to talk to much, but would love to let u know that, if u choose me as ur sugar boy, be rest assured that u’ve chosen the right person. Am here to make u feel like a woman and to make u enjoy all the good things of life u’re craving for. I will make u so happy in alot of ways, which u’ll love and u’ll never have a dull moment with me. My details are +2348027265232, and my telegram username is @oyewaleabolore1. Feel free to chat me up, am waiting. Take care pretty lady.

  9. Hello dear,
    My name is Eric from Ghana. 31 years of age. I’m very energetic and hard working man. A time with me will be far from regrettable. Take a chance with me. My username is @ericowusu and contact: +233244778790. Hoping to hearing from a sugar mummy.

  10. Hello dear, I am so sure the kind of matured mind a sugar mummy want is someone like me. I am Emmanuel Very straight forward and secretive also. Will love to meet a sugar mummy like you asap. My telegram number is 07035476087,expecting your message.

  11. Hi, my name is Philip.
    I am hoping to meet a Sugar mummy here, and i will do whatever she wants to make a sugar mummy happy. I am 32 yrs old, and as a matter of fact i am so tired of heart breaks. I would rather prefer to be with someone who will appreciate my worth. So if you’re here, i hope you’re for me. My direct phone contact is 07038989172 and my email address is, i hope this details are useful.

  12. My name is Femi am tall and chocolate in complexion,,am a matured guy,cool,calm and handsome…. My contact is 07010253136 and my telegram user name is @heady25 pls I need a sugar mummy

  13. My name is phillip I am here to give up more than wat sugar mummy want. My telegarm number is 08139575021 and it my direct link

  14. Sugar mummy, my name is Ebuka, 23 years old. I am sexually naive but so eager to embark on a crazy sex adventure. I am sure I can take care of u sexually. My number is 08169606970

  15. Hello beautiful sugar mummy. Am from Ghana and am 23years old. Height is 5’6 ft tall. Am sexy and good looking . I can give a sugar mummy the best affair. Kindly contact me on +233245023888.Thanks.

  16. Hi … My name is Juvenal I’m 26 years old I live in Benin and I’m a musician. all my fantasy I hope to achieve with sugar mummy … I am very attentive I have a luxurious taste … and I love being with grown-ups. @ Juvenal96. I am waiting for you

  17. Hello mum, I understand how you feel but I can assure you that you have not met the right man yet. I am here to respect and treat you the way you want to be treated.
    (0540855334) Please get in touch

  18. 😀😀 hello
    I’m nectar
    Hairy chest, handsome, tall, hard working, and cute looking.
    I’ll go as long as 5hours & more if that’s the only way to make you hit multiple ogasim…🤞
    I’m on telegram and WhatsApp

  19. Griffin Mfubisha Reply

    Am 27 years of age based Zambia Kitwe
    Telegram @ Yotamu can’t talk much
    am not forcing myself on but its for best if did leave you a comment
    My what’s app line is +260961186588

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