Well what can I say than this is a clear case of boy meets girl, boy toast girl, girl agree, boy f**k girl tire and now boy wants to dump girl and girl no wan gree.

We met when I was in my final year at a friends party and he asked me out. I really didn’t rush to say yes. I let him work on getting me because I have always believed that a man who works to get a woman loves her and so I made him work for almost a month. Finally I gave him a chance and we have dated for 2 years now.

What Can I do to make him love me

The wahala started last month when I hinted the idea about marriage. He has a good job and so do I. I just felt if we came together, with our resources being put together, we would go a long way and achieve a lot but his face changed when I mentioned it and his whole attitude to me changed since then.

He does not come to see me as often as he use to and I have to complain too much before he decides to drop by and he is always in a hurry to somewhere else so he can’t stay long. He talks to me coldly and treats me like I no longer matter.

What do you advice me to do. What can you recommend as my next action.


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