Having a sugar mummy or babe requires, boldness, decency, courage, sturdiness, handsomeness and outspokenness. Which i possess as a young guy. Though am not sure how things workout here? Because i haven’t had a sugar mummy before, but I’ve read about what they desire. and am verily sure it ll workout for me hopefully. Am 26 years, tall, loving, respectful, caring, social, adventurous, jovial, funny,romantic, extremely handsome and charming. Charming to the extent of fear of being rape by my fiends. Because, the gravity in which they eye me. beats my heart hundred meters.

I live in Accra,Ghana. Under no parental umbrella. Am here seeking for a pretty, gorgeous and romantic sugar mummy here in Accra. Or Ghana in general. Who is in dire need of sugar boy, but doesn’t know how to go about it. For love, fun, discreet or serious relationship. In order way round fill the void of her loneliness. A woman that will be more than a sugar mummy to me. someone i will meet the first and WAO.

My number is +233273058942


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