Sugar Mummy
Sugar Mummy

A friend of mine recommended me to this website that I could be posted here as a sugar mummy and I will be able to meet a young man. She had a young man around her and so I pressured her to tell me what their relationship was and she finally opened up that she was his sugar mummy and the young man I always saw around her was her sugar son. She smiles a lot now and she always happy so I know that since she started dating that young man, she has really been happy and he has make a very happy. I am hoping to have an experience like that too so I want to be posted as a sugar mummy with hope that I can also get to meet a young man.

What sugar mummy wants

I am looking for a man who will want to be in a relationship with me and will want me to be his sugar mummy. I am not so beautiful but I look okay and I will love to have someone who will accept me as I am. I do not want someone who will see me and feel he has the right to judge me for my looks. I am looking for someone who is very smart. He must be able to use his head and always think. I do not want a man who will just want to use me to have fun and then move on to another woman. I want someone who is ready to be committed to me and he must be very loyal

Any young man who will want to be with me should leave me a message in the contact box below. I want someone who will consider me a nice sugar mummy he will always want around and not someone who just wants to play games.

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