Sugar mummy
Sugar mummy

I think I prefer this private email message business. I really enjoy the privacy bid these days. Makes it easier for me to be able to reach out to someone. I am really impressed with the steps taken by people to make communications easier and better. At least all I need to do is go into my mail and view my messages.

Well my name is Ngozi and I am in Lagos though I get to travel to a lot of places especially for business but I do have my fun at the side. I am 44 years old. My business gets me to travel a lot within and outside Nigeria. All is really well for me. I have a crib in Lagos and 1 commercial in Ibadan and in my home town. I have 2 kids and they are both well-grown and base aboard. I visit them but not so often.

I am a very nice and calm person. I love my friends and I can do a lot for them. I am also a nympho. In other words, I love having fun and it takes a lot to make me happy. I need a young man to come and try to make me happy.

I do Facebook so please leave my your Facebook contact so I can see what you look like and your number so I can always call you. Thanks for reaching out.

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