Sugar Mummy
Sugar Mummy

I have never tried something like this before. Been a sugar mummy is somewhat a new experience to me. I am struggled hard and I am so happy I have arrived to a point in my life where I can just relax. I dated a mature man and had a son for him. When he rested, he willed all he had to me and my son so I have inherited all his properties, companies and stocks and all I just do is relax now and just enjoy myself. I am now seeking, as a sugar mummy, a young man who needs a lady he can make happy and have fun

What sugar mummy wants

I am looking for someone who is very young and extremely handsome. I need a man who looks sexy, fun and cute. I do not plan to get married to any man so I rather remain a sugar mummy. I do not want any man to come and toast me that he wants to settle down with me just because he sees I have money. If you want to settle down, find another bride. He must be very hard working and always ready to make me happy. As his sugar mummy, I promise to spoil him with whatever he needs.

Any man who will want to be with me as his sugar mummy should drop me a message in the contact box below and try not to share so much lies about yourself. I will want to know the truth about you. I will also need to have your pictures so let me see. I want to know what you love to do for fun. If I feel you are boring, I will not respond. Open up and tell me. Money is no longer an object for a woman like me as long as I am happy.

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