Sugar Mummy
Sugar Mummy

Didn’t know there was a website that a mature woman like me can easily find a man. I am a bit worried about having this to expose me as a sugar mummy. I want to keep my affairs hidden and very private so people who know me will never find out. I am a civil servant and will not want someone in my work or any of my family find out about about me been posted here as a sugar mummy. I am doing okay for myself. Been divorced but I do not want to be alone anymore. I have kids and I will not be talking about them here.

What sugar mummy wants

I am looking for a very handsome and mature man who is interested in getting married even as his sugar mummy. My house is still big enough to accommodate the man in my life. I will like a man who is comfortable moving in and living with me and not someone who feels he has to take me to his place. He must not be a lazy man. He must have something he is doing. I really do not mind if he was married before. It also doesn’t matter if he already has kids. I just need someone who is very smart and really loving. He should be ready to put me and my interests first.

Any man who will want to be in a relationship with me should leave a comment in the contact box below. You must send me as many pictures of you so I know what you look like. I do not want any inappropriate pictures please. Also send me some information about yourself so I know a little about you. Try not to lie to me. I will not forgive nor forget any lie told to me by anyone.

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