Sugar Mummy
Sugar Mummy

I have had a painful break up after dating for a while now and I hope to move on. I pray to use this media as a place to count my blessing and look for someone else to come fill the void that was left by my ex. I pray I can get understanding people here because I am tired of being called a fool.

I am Mercy, 32, no kids and living alone in Port Harcourt. I dated a guy who had nothing but love him because I thought he loved me too, when actually he didn’t. We were making plans for marriage and he said he waited to start a business. He wanted to go and buy goods in Dubai. Against every one warning, I worked a passport for him and got him $4000 to start-up. He went to Dubai and when I called him, he broke up with me. I have not heard from him since,

That was a low time for me but I have picked myself up and I am moving on. I am looking for someone who can love me. Be with me and I will do anything for him. Someone that will be willing to get married if we are in love

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