Sugar Mummy
Sugar Mummy

I was a sugar mummy to a young man but we have ended what we had. He became very demanding and really rude. I have learnt from experience that most men who are that way to a sugar mummy have either found a replacement for her or he has gotten all he will ever need from that kind of woman and so he wants to end our relationship. I have been waiting for him to come back to me and I have even reached out to him but he seems to be done with me so I have decided to forget about him and look for a better man who might want me to be his sugar mummy.

What sugar mummy wants

I will love to meet with a young man who will be comfortable with a sugar mummy like me. I know that I might not be with him forever but he must have the decency to end what we share with respect and decency. I need someone who will appreciate a woman like me. He must see me as a woman he will respect and not someone he will make a fool of me. I want a man who is single. I will not have a man to go sleep around and end up coming to give me a disease. I want someone who will never be rude to me as a sugar mummy. He must show me respect. I do not need someone who is rude and will always insincere.

Any young man who might want to be with me should leave me a comment in the contact box below. Just try to be honest with me and tell me whatever you can about yourself. I will also love to have a picture of you so share that with me as well.

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