Please this should be reserved for the good looking people who would want to have something to do with me. Since I am the sugar mummy, I believe I should be in charge and everything should be about me getting exactly what I want. 

My name should kindly not be posted. I am a teacher in a private institution. The pay is very good and I get to travel with plus one to so many places or course training and sometimes holidays. I have my job. I also love to just relax or take a sweet swim and it is always sweeter to me if I am with someone I am in a relationship with.

I am looking for a good looking man to be in a relationship with me. I need someone who would want to be with me and not be ashamed of dating an older lady. I am not looking for a hungry man who would assume everything about me should be about money. I need someone who would love to travel with me so we can enjoy each other’s company. He has to understand that when he is with me, he has to be with only me.

Anyone interested in what I want should kindly leave me a message in the message box below. I would sincerely appreciate it if there is honesty in the relationship.

Thanks a lot for everything Admin. I appreciate.

Due To The Abuse During Calls Most Ladies Are Experiencing, We Will Be Removing Any Number In A Post !!!


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