Sugar Mummy
Sugar Mummy

My name is Winny and yes I am a sugar mummy and I am living in Wales, U.K. The fact that I am open about it does not mean I want it to be public. I will love it if you cover my face in the picture that I have shared with you. I am actually in a society with other sugar mummies which was to help us to easily get young men but it turns out that the men just carry themselves as whores and we are just inter changing men. There are no new men and the ones that are available just want to be paid to offer pleasure and I want so much more than just that as a sugar mummy and so here I am man, hunting.

What sugar mummy in the U.K Wants

I need someone who is living in the U.K or does not mind to move down here just to have me as his sugar mummy. Accommodation will not be a problem because I have a very huge home and it will accommodate any man. I do not want someone who will always have an excuse to go out and fool around with other young girls and thinks he can sweet talk his way to having me accepting him back. I do not have that kind of time. If I am not woman enough and sugar mummy rich enough, then do not try to get to me and I might even link you to my club so you can meet the other ladies.

Anyone who might want to be with me should drop a really nice message in the contact box. Please try to be real. I will also want to see what you look like and how handsome you are. You can also share with me the truth about yourself. I might recommend you to my friend who is also a sugar mummy or to the club as long as you look and sound worth it.

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