Sugar Mummy
Sugar Mummy

I am new in South Africa but I am not a South African nor have I ever been a sugar mummy before. Nigeria is my nationality but I now work in South Africa and I am doing wonderfully well for myself. I can’t really share so much about myself here. I have to hide as much as I can so people who shouldn’t know me would not find out about me. I am a very nice and down to earth kind of lady. I am someone who makes time to enjoy myself especially in the weekend and South Africa has really been an enjoyable place for me. I am really looking forward to be a friend to enjoy the company of a man as long as I happy.

What Sugar Mummy In South Africa Wants

I need a man who will want to have me as a friend and as a sugar mummy. I need someone I can actually talk to and trust. I do not need someone who is full of himself and thinks he is doing me a favour by letting me be his sugar mummy and so he will want to treat me with attitude. I want someone who is interested in my happiness and not someone who will just want to hurt me. I need a friend I can trust and talk to and I don’t mind if he sees me as his sugar mummy for the care I give to him.

Any young man who will want a sugar mummy in South Africa should leave me a message in the contact form below. I want a man who will always tell me the truth. I need your contact information and pictures of yourself. I am hopinf you are handsome. Also share a little about yourself.

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