Sugar Daddy
Sugar Daddy

I am not new to been a sugar daddy but this is the first time I have come to look for someone online. I am not exactly sure how things work here but I will try to copy some of the post I see here. I can’t give you my name so people will not be able to identify me. I will also want my face to be covered in the picture I have sent to you. Please try to make sure people do not see me. I am a business man by profession and I do a lot of work for so many prominent companies. I am married and to be truthful, it is not a happy marriage. That is one of the reasons I want to be a sugar daddy.

What Sugar Daddy Wants

I need a young lady who will be interested in having me as a sugar daddy. I am looking for a lady who understands the meaning of discretion. I do not want to get hooked up through this place and discover that I am exposed on social media. Since I want a discreet relationship with a lady, I need someone who can be discreet. I also want her to be beautiful. If you are just there or you are not beautiful, then do not bother leaving me a message. I want someone who is very cute. I want a lady who is great in bed. She should be someone who will be able to make me feel happy and very satisfied.

Any nice lady who is interested in having me as her sugar daddy should leave me a message in the contact box below. I will love to see what you look like so share your pictures with me. I will also want to have your contact information so I can reach you with it. I do not want to waste my time with any lady who is not serious

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