I have tried so many things in life and this is a new stage of trial and I hope this will be the one to end it all. A friend told me about the site and I hope things do work out as they claim it should. At least, it should be better than all the lies I have been told on Facebook.

About Me:- I am 25 years old and base in Abuja for the past 5 years though we keep deceiving ourselves that we base in Ilorin as it’s where we are from. Dad is a politician and so we had to move and we have been here since. I am a very serious person. I do have my moments of fun and jokes but I make sure it is not all the time. I am sometimes very tempered but I try to keep it under control

What I Do:-   I am a graduate, studied computer engineering and right now work at the ‘ House Of Reps’ building. I have my own home and so with it enjoy my freedom. I am planing to start a poultry farm soon. Still not fully sure how to go about that yet but working towards it seriously

Likes:- I know stuffs that I like but always found it hard to state them in words; I will try to here though. I like music, calms me down. I like movies when I get the chance to see a good one. I am not really into sports but I don’t mind if it’s been watched. I love attention. I loved to be noticed and admired

Dislikes:- I hate been lied to and been cheated upon. I hate when someone pretends and I hate when people take advantage of me

Who I Seek:- As I stated before, I am quite a tempered lady so I need a man who can have patience with me and should have experience in calming people down. If you are far, I can have you come near. If you are un-employed, I can look for something for you. As long as you love me and don’t make a fool of me, then we might just be happy.

Contact:- I can’t leave my details here so I won’t be bothered but I do ask that you leave a short comment telling me a little about you and leave a contact information; preferably your Skype id, bb pin or e-mail address and if I like what I see from your comment, I will get back to you

Due To The Abuse During Calls Most Ladies Are Experiencing, We Will Be Removing Any Number In A Post !!!


The number of the Admin is  +234 (906) 730-0168   You can call or chat with me on Whatsapp Don't be deceived by any fake agent claiming they are the Admin The number to chat on whatsapp or call is +234 (906) 730-0168

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