Sugar mummy
Sugar mummy

Well it took me a lot of talking and convincing to get this site to do this for me and I sincerely hope to find what I am looking for. I care less what you men think and I am not interested in any of you. I don’t need a man to tell me that he can change the way I feel in bed. I don’t know about later but I know that right now, I am interested in men and so men should not bother me.

I am Mary, I live in Abuja but school in Kwara state. I am from a prominent family so I am kind of buoyant financially. I have a place to myself in Kwara and I can afford a place to myself in Abuja or any place I want. I can be financially supportive if I feel loved so I need someone to really be there and love me.

Please mail me your contact and Facebook id so I can reach you there as well. I don’t need men to contact me. Just lesbians please.

Due To The Abuse During Calls Most Ladies Are Experiencing, We Will Be Removing Any Number In A Post !!!


The number of the Admin is  +234 (906) 730-0168   You can call or chat with me on Whatsapp Don't be deceived by any fake agent claiming they are the Admin The number to chat on whatsapp or call is +234 (906) 730-0168

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