Well there should be so much i should love to tell about myself and i believe i should tell you as much as you would need to know me so if you don’t like what you hear then i suggest you don’t bother and leave a message.

About Me:- I am 23 years and I am from Igbo origins. I am not perfect but I try to be honest and realistic when the time calls for it. I am fun and alive but try to slow down once awhile when the time calls for it. I love to be noticed and I often try to notice what is going on around me.

What I Do:-  Well I am still in school studying medicine.I have quite a supporting family so they helped me through to dabble a little into fashion design and I travelled to Ghana and U.K to do a little modelling and as much fun and fame I enjoyed from it, medicine is still my one and only true love and so I come back to finish my education. I do not lack personally nor would my family let me lack even if I don’t have. I also love to travel.

Likes:- I am addicted to dancing. I even got noticed for the modelling dig when i danced at a friends party. Yes, you heard me right. I am a party and a club girl and I love to have fun but does not mean I end up making a fool of myself when I go to these places. I also love soccer ( up Manu) and love a very good football argument. Love movies too and sometimes enjoy peace and quiet of places like a park. I hate to travel alone.

Dislikes:- I can’t stand hypocrites. I hate lies but I rather deal with a liar than a hypocrites. I hate pretenders. When I get to know someone I prefer they show me their true colours than faking and then I get to find out the truth about them

Who I Seek:- Well this is quite simple really. Age has always been nothing but numbers but I would need someone with a matured mind. I love someone who can travel with me or feels comfortable to invite me to his travels. I enjoy been shown affection publicly and privately.
I don’t need him to lie about anything to me and he has to try not to be a hypocrites about anything. I will appreciated him and I pray to be appreciated by him. I will be proud of him and show him of and he has to be ready to do the same for me.

Contact:- I can’t leave my details here so I won’t be bothered but I do ask that you leave a short comment telling me a little about you and leave a contact information; preferably your Skype id, bb pin or e-mail address and if I like what I see from your comment, I will get back to you

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