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Sugar Mummy

My old time girlfriend recommended this sugar mummy website to me and she assured me that I could get myself hooked up to a nice and wonderful lady like she got when she was posted on this website as sugar mummy but she didn’t as a lesbian because she was was not looking for a lady. She was looking for a man. Something like that is what I want but a lesbian and not a man. Telling the truth won’t be easy but I will try as much as possible. I am married and I am not giving that up for a lesbian lady. I have kids as well and I will not be discussing about them here. My been a sugar mummy will have nothing to do with my kids or any other member of my family.

what lesbian sugar mummy wants

I need a lesbian lady who wants a sugar mummy and is free to travel. The nature of my job gets me to travel a lot to so many states within the country and I want a lesbian girlfriend who can be with me in these places. I do not want a lady who will not be able to be with me when I travel. If she will always have an excuse, she should kindly not leave me a message. A caring and sweet lady is who I will want. I want a lady who will make sure we enjoy the time we spend together. I understand most ladies who have drama and I do not mind them with it but they should not have that drama around me as her sugar mummy.

Any lesbian young lady who will want to be with me as her sugar mummy should leave me a message in the contact box below. I will want you to leave me a really nice and very sexy picture of you as well

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