I am very proud babe. I praise my achievements and I regret my mistakes and try to make sure that I make them less. That’s me. I have had my fair share of experience with me in and out of the internet and I do know how to avoid been treated in a bad way. This is just a warning to who so ever is concerned. I can protect myself if things lead to that.

About Me:- Well I am Joke and I am from the west but live in Port Harcourt. I am 28 years old. Though I was trained very well in the of Karate, I am very submissive and understanding. I don’t fight nor quarrel. I am a very happy and jovial person.

What I Do:-  Well, I work for a very large I.T firm in port. Been with them for 3 years now. I have my own car and I just moved from the company accommodation to my own personal house. I have a nice car and I am blessed with the chance to travel so many places within and outside Nigeria.

Likes:- I am a music addict. i love music and I attend a lot of concerts when I am free to. I love comedy too. Basket mouth is still my best and I try to make some of his shows. I am not really into sports but I don’t mind views for some times. I do a little drinking but not enough to get me intoxicated. I love taking drives sometime; just getting into a car and taking a long nice drive.

Dislikes:- I hate bully. I hate people who feel they mis-handle women. I don’t take that shit. I can handle been lied to or cheated on and I never use force. I am very submissive but if a man thinks he can bully me or hate me, PAYBACK GONNA BE A B***H. So please violent men don’t send me message.

Who I Seek:- I need a loving person. Someone who is fun to be with. Someone who can be patient and will never hit a woman just by principle. Someone who will care and love me and make me feel wonderful when around, missed when not and happy when met.

I can’t leave my details here so I won’t be bothered but I do ask that you leave a short comment telling me a little about you and leave a contact information; preferably your Skype id, bb pin or e-mail address and if I like what I see from your comment, I will get back to you

Due To The Abuse During Calls Most Ladies Are Experiencing, We Will Be Removing Any Number In A Post !!!


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