Sugar Mummy
Sugar Mummy

Well I am not really what many will what many might be looking for online. I am not really interested in men. I prefer female friends but I believe I can live with the 2. I need serious and loving friends and we can move the relationship to seeing if you would what us to later.

I am called Blue by everyone. I live Canada and I am a Nigerian. I was not born there but I have spent most of my time there. I am 23 years old and a Model. I have gone to the U.S, U.K and so many other country. I have been hoping to get a contract to make me come down there but so far nothing has come my way.

I use Skype, yahoo and Facebook. I am really into the Facebook thing. I believe it will be easier to reach you if you can leave me a comment. I can just add you from there. I also want any other contact. I can reach you via ipad and we can talk from there.

Thank you very much for your consideration, and oh, before I forget. I am a model so if you don’t mind, praise me a little. I might have to use this for review

Due To The Abuse During Calls Most Ladies Are Experiencing, We Will Be Removing Any Number In A Post !!!


The number of the Admin is  +234 (906) 730-0168   You can call or chat with me on Whatsapp Don't be deceived by any fake agent claiming they are the Admin The number to chat on whatsapp or call is +234 (906) 730-0168

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