I am not really in a good place emotionally. I have had a painful heartbreak. After 3 years of dating. I gave him my life, heart and everything and then he decided to dump me via e-mail in U.K and I was the one that sponsored him to get there. I know some men can be heartless but I have not totally lost hope in the goodness of people so after 3 years of being in love, 6 months of being heart-broken, I think it is time to move on and fall in love again.

About Me:- My name is Silva, and no it is not Joke Silva. I am from Kogi State and I live in Lagos. I know how to speak my native language and Yoruba. I also speak very little Hausa and absolutely no Igbo. I use to live with my ex when he was in Nigeria but now I live alone maybe till another man comes into my life and I hope this will plan to stay.

What I Do: I am a business woman. I own a shop and I sell mostly communications and computer technologies. I get my goods from some other importers but I travel most times to get my own goods. I have phones, tablets and computers and all their accessories all for sell. Business is very good for me.

Likes:- I am a busy business woman but I still make time for myself. I love music and movies. I don’t really like going to clubs but I don’t mind parties with my own kind of people. I love football also. I don’t enjoy watching though, I can’t handle the tension it creates on me but I love to see the results and watch highlights. I am also a pretty good swimmer.

Dislikes:- I don’t like basketball, I really don’t understand the rules of the game. I hate men that can not clean up after themselves. I don’t like dirty, tardy men. Better to dress your best with the little you have than look your worst when you wear the best. A man has to be clean, no matter what.

Who I Seek:- I am hoping to meet a nice, clean man who is really ready to settle down. His occupation does not matter. I make enough for the both of us. As long as he has the intention to be working and making something. No matter how little. If you know you are just interested in my money, please don’t leave a message. You will get close to nothing from me. I only need serious person and serious comments

Contact:- I can’t leave my details here so I won’t be bothered but I do ask that you leave a short comment telling me a little about you and leave a contact information; preferably your Skype id, bb pin or e-mail address and if I like what I see from your comment, I will get back to you

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