I will never give an excuse for the way things are for me because I have lived a good life and I have enjoyed every bit of it but now I want to settle down. I have tried so many things till someone introduced me to this site, telling me it has good reviews and lots of testimony so I am here to try myself and I do hope that I too can have my own testimony very soon.

About Me:- I am Flora and I am 40 years old. I have 2 daughters in their teens and they live in the moved to the U.S.A to be with their father as life is better there. No, their father is not my husband so it’s not adultery. We were to get married in our younger years but he had to travel then he got married there and so I that’s it. I have been in and out of relationships but I pray getting into this one will be the last time I go in and out of relationships. I will be in this time.

What I Do:- I am an achieved government worker. I have made my mark in Delta State and I have been blessed by that. I have a houses in Delta and Abuja. I have four cars and the house in Abuja has a nice pool. I am planning to get involved in politics in this coming elections. Maybe not for a seat of any office but to have someone there who can get nice contract to come my way.

Likes:- I love parties and traditional occasions. I love to be noticed and been the center of talk and attractions. I also love to swim. I am very good in a pool. I swim in my free time. My daughters use to call me fish.

Dislikes:- I don’t like to be lied to. Makes me think you feel I am a fool. I prefer a cheat to tell me that he cheated on me. I can bear and forgive that than for me to be lied to. Once I find that out, I don’t go back. That does not mean I like cheats. I hate to be cheated on and I hate gossips. I prefer we all mind our business and stay out of what does not concern us.

Who I Seek:- Well I have always believed age is noting but numbers in my youth and I still do. I just want someone to come and love me and stay in love with me. I have enough to take care of whatever we would need and I am willing to submit it all to my man if I discover he is my one and only true love.

I can’t leave my details here so I won’t be bothered but I do ask that you leave a short comment telling me a little about you and leave a contact information; preferably your Skype id, bb pin or e-mail address and if I like what I see from your comment, I will get back to you

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