Sugar Mummy
Sugar Mummy

I was reading an article about a sugar mummy somewhere and this website was mentioned. I have actually thought of been a beautiful sugar mummy but I didn’t have any idea of a place I could meet with a young man who is interested in dating a mature lady like me. My name should not be posted. I want to keep my identity private. I am a beautiful and hot business woman and i am doing wonderfully well. My late husband also left me his successful business empire and so money is in no way a problem for me. I can be so much fun to have around if there is someone with me.

What sugar mummy wants

I do not think I am looking for too much. Been a sugar mummy is what I have not done before and I do not mind been one. I just don’t need anyone who feels he must expose me for been one. A young man for pleasure is who I will love to have. He must be very sweet and ready to make her feel sweet. I will want a man who will see me as a sugar mummy he will like to have and not someone who just wants to play games. I am not also looking for a fool who will waste my time by fooling himself. Any man who can’t make me happy should not expect me to spend on him. He must be sweet and I will provide whatever he wants.

Any man who will want me as his sugar mummy should leave me a message in the contact box below. Please try not lie so much. I know you might not tell me the truth about yourself but try not to lie too much. I will love to see what you look like so share your pictures.

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