Sugar mummy
Sugar mummy

This sugar mummy thing is a little new to me. I have never done something like this before. This will work well for me is what I am hoping for. I do not want to give so much of my information. Also make sure my face is covered. I work with a reputable company and I don’t want this to be found out at work. Beautiful ladies like me shouldn’t be single but I am. It’s mostly because I find it hard to trust a man. Most handsome men I have been with turned out to be people I couldn’t trust. I hope that been seen here as a sugar mummy might help me get the find of person I am looking for.

What sugar mummy wants

I am looking for a man who I can trust. In looks, he must be very handsome. Too beautiful is who I am to be with someone who doesn’t look good. I don’t want a tall man nor a fat man. I don’t need someone who looks like a giant. He needs to be very smart and really intelligent. I prefer someone who doesn’t have a job and will be comfortable with me dedicating work to him. If he already has a job, I’m okay with it. I just need someone I can really rely on and can trust. There are a lot of things I need to keep private and I do not want them to be discovered because my boyfriend just keep his mouth shut.

Any man who will want me to be his sugar mummy should leave me a message in the contact box below. Make sure you send me a picture of yourself so I know what you look like. I want you to tell me about yourself. The truth you tell will depend on if I want to be with you or not. Please no idiots fooling around should message me.

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