Sugar Mummy
Sugar Mummy

I will not try not to lie so much here. I have never been a sugar mummy nor did I ever think it will be something I will want to get involved in but I have been pushed by condition. I am a graduate and I studed medicine in school and I did quite well. I decided to get married to a very rich man so I can enjoy the best in life. As you can see in my picture, I am a very beautiful and I thought I will be very happy but as it turns out, my husband married me just to I fulfill societies requirements of him. I later discovered that he is gay and has a society of friends he rather enjoy spending time with him so I have decided to become a sugar mummy.

What sugar mummy wants

I do not want a man who wants to expose my husband for his doings nor me for coming out to seek a man as a sugar mummy.. I just want a man who will have an affair with me. I do not know how my husband will handle the idea of me been a sugar mummy and I do not want to be discovered as been one. I am lacking a relationship with my husband and I need someone who might be comfortable with having a relationship with me. I need someone who is very handsome. He must look really good. I also want a man who will appreciate my beauty not as a sugar mummy but as a very beautiful woman.

Any young man who wants a sugar mummy like me to be his should leave me a comment in the contact box below. Try to be truth here please. I do not want to bothered with people telling lies. I will also need your picture so share that with me as well.

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