Sugar Mummy Seeks A Man Who Can Get Her Pregnant Discreetly

Sugar Mummy
Sugar Mummy

Things are not happy in my home and that’s why I want to be a sugar mummy. My husband and I have been married for eight years now and still no child in our home. My family accuses him of been an impotent. His family accuses me of been barrel. Church accuses us of using our kids for ritual. Our friends well we are not trying hard enough and give advice on the different style that worked for them. We are both tired and I decided been a sugar mummy might be the best that would work out for me.

What sugar mummy wants

What I need is something that can be very discreet. I am looking for a child and the world must not find out what I am up to. He must be someone I can really trust. Medically, he must be clean. He must not have any allergies. His level of intelligence will be tested, graded and checked. If he is too dull, I will not bother with him. My husband is tall and fair and I would want someone like as well. He should be prepared to come meet me if I choose him and be with me till I am confirmed pregnant. He will be well rewarded.

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Any young man who keeps he is good enough to get me pregnant should leave me a message in the contact box below. Try not to lie when you tell me about yourself. You have to share but about your medical history and everything else. Please note that there will be medical, psychological and academicals test to be done and if any is failed, the deal is off. You may feel I am going to far but I don’t think so. If I have to spend money to get a child, I am not just picking anyhow. I will want the best from the best.

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Sugar Mummy Is Looking For A Young Lover For Pleasurable Fun

Sugar Mummy
Sugar Mummy

There was a time in my life that I would frown on things like sugar mummy. It was never a thing I approved of. The idea of a mature woman becoming a sugar mummy and then going out to seek for a younger man repulsed me. Then I got married to a very rich man. We have kids and it has been years since he paid attention to me. It’s been longer since he even bothered to touch me. I can’t leave him because he is my breadwinner. I can’t just sit and wait because I have needs and he isn’t interested in giving them to me.

What sugar mummy wants

There is no love needed for this sugar mummy. No one should come till me how much he loves me because I am not interested. What I want is someone who can provide for my needs. Been a sugar mummy is not a big deal for me. I am buoyant enough to take care of any man and his needs. What I want is pleasure. My need is for a man who can have pleasure with me. He should be very strong and very vibrant. He must also be very handsome and must not have body odor. No dull experience please.  

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Any young man who might want me to be his sugar mummy should drop me a message in the contact box below. You have to know this isn’t for unserious people who are not sure what exactly they want. You have to share with me your contact information. I would love to call you to hear your voice. I would also love you to share very hot pictures of yourself so I can admire you. Make sure they are hot enough to make me hunger for you. You have to make sure you are very handsome in what you send.

Sugar Mummy Is Interested In A Young Sexy Lover For Pleasure

Sugar Mummy
Sugar Mummy

I was a sugar mummy to a young man before but he is married now and I am not one to end a marriage for selfish pleasures. Still I do need a replacement and that’s why I am back here. My information was not posted before and I do not want my details to be posted this time. I would also want my picture to be covered so my identity can remain private. I have no problem been a sugar mummy to a young man but I don’t need the world finding out about my interest. I hope the website would well as well for me now as it did before.

What Sugar Mummy Wants

I am in need of a young man. If he wants me to be his sugar mummy, he must be very strong. I am not a lazy woman in bed and I will never waste my time with any lazy man no matter how handsome he tells himself he is; though I do need a handsome man. I want someone who really looks good. I need someone who can come and spend time with me whenever I need him. I am too busy to be tied down by any man so he has to come when I want him. I don’t want a small boy who got his experience from p0rn movies and thinks that’s experience.

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Any young man who might want to be with her and is ready to satisfy me should leave me a message in the contact box below. Please I don’t want anyone who isn’t serious. I would love to see what you look like so share with me your pictures. I would also need to know a little about you. Tell me as much as you can about yourself. I would also need your contact so drop that for me. I will contact you if I am interested in you. I do need you to also share your s3xual interests and what you can actually do in bed. No conventional man please.

Sugar Mummy Needs Private Bedroom Partner Who She Can Enjoy

Sugar Mummy
Sugar Mummy

I have used this service before, a while ago as a sugar mummy but then I was looking for a lesbian partner. I have had my feel of the ladies but nothing beats been with a man. Things have been good for me but there has always been too much drama when dealing with ladies and so I tire of their games. I am hoping things will be different here if I am a sugar mummy to a man instead of a woman. Sometimes I love to experience both at the same time but not all men are comfortable with such. Makes it hard for me to find the right man.

What sugar mummy wants

Been a sugar mummy is not new to me, though I have never been one to a male before. The concept shouldn’t change. When I was a sugar mummy to a lady, I was in charge. She came when I wanted her and she left when I was done with her. She always did what I told her. Since I will be a sugar mummy with a man, I expect no different change. He must come when I need him and leave when I am done with him. For this, I will reward him extremely well, beyond even his expectations. He must also be very capable satisfying my urges.

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Any young man who might want to be with me and have me as his sugar mummy should leave me a message in the contact box below. Make sure you share with me very nice and sexy pictures of you so I have an idea of how very handsome you look. You should also share with me information about yourself. You also have to tell me what you can and can’t do when it comes to pleasing me. Please I note that I am a woman who sometimes enjoys the company of both a male and a female. If you don’t like things like that, don’t drop your message. I am looking for open minded men.

Sugar Mummy Looking For A Kind Hearted Man Who Can Love Her

Sugar Mummy
Sugar Mummy

There was a website talking about this sugar mummy stuff I discovered and they mentioned this website as genuine. I loved the read and I was really interested in trying something like this. Been a sugar mummy is something I have never tried before but the site gave me an idea. Instead of going to bars and clubs to meet up with useless men, why not become a sugar mummy and get the kind of woman I would want. Some people might want to judge me and my decision but I tell them they should wait till when they are my age.

What sugar mummy wants

There should be nothing too complicated in me getting what I want. It is my decision to be a sugar mummy. It doesn’t mean I have patience to deal with touts and hooligans. He must be someone who is very kind hearted. He must always be soft and sweet to me. If I have to care for his financial needs as his sugar mummy, then I better be treated as a queen. Dealing with rough assholes is too much a bother for me to claim to enjoy the experience. If he can’t be the kind of man I want, I can’t be with him.

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Any young man who is kind hearted and would want me to be his sugar mummy should write me a very nice message in the contact box below. Your picture will be required so share that with me. You also have to tell me about yourself so I can get to know you. Try not to tell lies. I would hate to be lied to even before we get to know each other. I would also want you to share with me your likes and dislike. Understanding each other would be something I would love. I don’t want to hurt you if you are trying not to hurt me.

Sugar Mummy Looking For Handsome Young Lover Ready For Love

Sugar Mummy
Sugar Mummy

This is not something new to me. I was a sugar mummy before to a handsome young man and I mistakenly fell in love. I say loving him was a mistake because I never planned it but it happened. He just wanted a sugar mummy to handle his bills and I was okay with it. things changed for me and I wanted more but he didn’t so we ended things and so I am here looking for more. Getting hurt is painful and I don’t want to experience pain like that again. This is to just help make me feel loved again.

What sugar mummy wants

There is no way I can be with a man and not end up been emotionally invested in the relationship. Marriage is not my interest here. It’s just that I want to feel as much love as I would invest in the man I am a sugar mummy to. We can end things if he finds love and want to get married but till then, I should be his only love interest. As his sugar mummy, I promise to buy, give and provide him with anything he might require. He should be very handsome. A good looking man always has my attention.

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Any young man who might want me to be his sugar mummy should leave me a message in the contact form below. You have to share with me pictures of yourself so I know what you look like. It is always my interests to build whoever I am with. Whatever I give you is an investment. You have to tell me your plans for your life and future so I know how to assist you to achieving it. Please this is for those who are serious about their lives. There will be no wasting my money on expensive cars unless you want to use it as a taxi.

Sugar Mummy Looking To Pay A Fun Man Who Can Handle Her Well

Sugar Mummy
Sugar Mummy

There are other sugar mummy service I had tired before I came here. Most of the others turn out to be scam and I got my money eaten. To be a sugar mummy might interest me but I am not in this to throw my money away to thieves. A friend of mine recommended this website to me. She claims she has used it before and it worked wonderfully well for her. That is why I decided to come and try to see what is going on. I just want to believe that my past experiences with scammers will not repeat itself here.

What sugar mummy wants

What I need is a man who will ready to handle me very well and as his sugar mummy, I will reward him handsomely. There is no money to be spent on a disappointing experience. He has to be very respectful and responsible. He must treat me like a queen. I don’t mind giving him money and been a blessing to him. I just need him to always put my interest first. He must always smell very nice and treat me like a queen than a sugar mummy. Any man who feels that is too much for him to do shouldn’t bother with me. There is no problem with giving him money because I have enough of that.

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Any young man who might be with me as his sugar mummy should drop me a message in the contact box below. I want to read really honest messages. Try not to tell too many lies. You should also send me your pictures so I have an idea of what you look like. You should know I am very serious about this. There is no money to throw away on a man who is not worth it. I promise to make sure he will never lack. He has to promise he will always make me feel loved and happy. He must never disappoint nor hurt me.

Rich Sugar Mummy Needs Man She Can Pay To Enjoy His Company

Sugar Mummy
Sugar Mummy

Been a sugar mummy will not be a new experience for me. There was a young man I was a sugar mummy to. Things went well for us for a while till things got disappointing. If I can be truthful, I love to enjoy a man’s company. These days it’s a bit hard to find the right man. Most of them just want to complain while others are looking for ways to be famous for doing nothing. I am not looking for anything like that. My name shouldn’t be shared on the internet. I want to keep my activities private. I would also want my face covered in the picture I have sent to you. Please it shouldn’t be share openly.

What sugar mummy wants

I am interested in a man who can keep me company. To be a sugar mummy means I should have the money to care for a man with. I do have that kind of money. So I need a man who can be the kind of person I would want. He has to be very handsome. He must be extremely good in pleasing a woman in the bedroom and in anywhere I would need pleasing. If he feels he can’t achieve that, then I am not the kind of woman he will want to be with. He must be very strong.

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Any young handsome man who would feel I am a good sugar mummy for him should leave me a message in the contact box below. He should send me a picture of himself so I see what he looks like. I hope he is handsome. I don’t want any ugly men in my life. There should also be information shared about himself so I can get to know him better. Phone number and whatsapp number is also a requirement. We have to communicate so we can get to know each other better. There is nothing else in mind I can think of needing. Just send whatever else you feel I should have

Sugar Mummy Wants A Handsome Sweet Young Man To Excite Her

Sugar Mummy
Sugar Mummy

I was online when I found this sugar mummy website and I have been very much interested in it. Growing up, I had a sugar daddy and I know what I gained from him. He established me and I think it’s time I give back. Someone was a blessing to my life and I am ready to be a sugar mummy and be a blessing to someone else. My prayer is that he appreciates what I do for him as I did for mine. Please protect my information so it’s not exposed here. I don’t want to read about myself on any gossip website.

What sugar mummy wants

My interest is in the excitement of been with a capable man. Any man who wants me to be his sugar mummy should be ready to make the affair exciting. Boring life is what I am living right now and I need a change of pace. He must be handsome. Who doesn’t get attached to a good looking man. He must also be very adventurous and loves to travel. With him, I don’t want expectations. I want surprises as his sugar mummy. He should be able to keep me on my toes with new and exciting things. I don’t mind paying for the experience. It just won’t be nice if I spend my money on another boring experience.

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Any young man who thinks he is exciting enough to have me as his sugar mummy should leave me a message in the contact form below. Please let’s start with you telling me all the exciting things you can do. I don’t want any boring moment. I would need to know if I should have high expectations or just lower my standards. Also share your sexy pictures with me. If your pictures are boring, I will not bother with you. I am here for the excitement and if I can’t get that, I don’t think I’m interested in anything else.

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